A Different Direction- Vertical

I now have finish sketches for the story. I am still wondering about trying the book using a different page dimension. Each completed sketch is on a  page 8″ high by 10″ wide. Now I want to see how each  sketch would look like on a page 10″ high by 8″ wide. My previous medieval book was horizontal as are the completed sketches.horz f s hugo 1

pg 1 in the 8″h x 10″w format.

vert hugo f s 1avert hugo f s 1b                                           Two slightly different designs in the vertical format. ( all pg 1)

vert hugo f s 1c

pg 1 (above) A different idea. The design is like several other pages in the book. I like it better than the other two. It works better on the taller page too.

vert hugo f s 2    horz f s hugo 2_edited-1

pg 2 (above)

vert hugo f s 3   horz f s hugo 3

pg 3 (above)

vert hugo f s 4a    horz f s hugo 4

pg 4 (above)

vert hugo f s 5     horz f s hugo 5                pg 5 (above)

vert hugo f s 6   horz f s hugo 6

pg 6 (above)

vert hugo f s 7       horz f s hugo 7

pg 7 (above)

The next six pages show that little has to be done to modify the sketches to a more vertical page dimension. I still like the look of most of the horizontal page sketches. I will send off both sketch versions and let the publisher decide. The other thing that still needs to be decided is the font style. These sketches are designed using a few different styles. Once I  have the chosen font, then I will be able to fix the size and shape of each text block accurately.