8″ h x 10″ w Finish Sketches, Continued

hugo thumb pg 14hugo thumb pg 15

pp 14-15.

horz f s hugo 14horz f s hugo 15 pp 14-15.   Page 15 has a little different design because some text will be booted into the next spread.


hugo thumb pg 16hugo thumb pg 17

pp 16-17.

horz f s hugo 16horz f s hugo 17 pp 16-17.  New text from page 15 made some changes necessary. Now there are three vignettes on page 16.


hugo thumb pg 18hugo thumb pg 19

pp 18-19.

horz f s hugo 18horz f s hugo 19 pp 18-19.  No changes. Well, the big A on pg. 19 has a different style.


hugo thumb pg 20hugo thumb pg 21

pp 20-21.

horz f s hugo 20horz f s hugo 21 pp 20-21.   I moved some of the text on page 20 from the top box to the bottom box. The big T on page 21 thumbnail is now an A. I’m not sure why I drew a T for that box…


hugo thumb pg 23hugo thumb pg 22

pp 22-23.

horz f s hugo 22_edited-1horz f s hugo 23 pp 22-23.   I took the monk out of the big B on page 23. I am not sure what I was thinking there.


hugo thumb pg 24

pg 24.

horz f s hugo 24

pg 24. No changes. The rest of the pages are for historical notes, author and illustrator notes and maybe some other things…

horz f s hugo 25

pg 25

horz f s hugo 26horz f s hugo 27 pp 26-27.

horz f s hugo 28

pg 28.  These back matter pages have two columns of text per page. They mimic the design of many medieval books.